Post Penguin Update Link Building Tactics

Post Penguin Update Link Building Tactics

Google Penguin Recovery is possible but a thorough analysis and research are required, especially backlink analysis. Some websites can achieve recovery from penguin penalty some partially while some simply not. Therefore a clean link building effort is required and analysis of all backlinks is necessary. You should check every single domain that links to your website that whether it is good domain or bad one. Upon identification if found bad then immediately remove that link.

The second approach is that you should focus on your business ranking improvement via quality link building. Don’t just stay mad with Google because this will just waste your time and gives you nothing.

The next big thing in link building is that you should identify which domains are good ones and which are bad ones. If you have any doubt in the good or the bad domain then it is better to leave it than finding justifications for it. An expert link builder that knows exactly which link is good and which is bad. Therefore focus on link building efforts for your business.

Analyzing every link takes time even some projects with 5000 or more links get hours of work every day taking it to 70 or more days which make almost three months of work. Therefore quality link building efforts with outsourced services cut your time as well as cost to half or even less. This will save your lot of time and you can utilize it somewhere else in the business.

In this regard removing multiple bad links can be done via email communication with link building websites. You could need to make multiple requests if single one doesn’t work. You can also communicate with them through phone. In any way you need to be polite and humble in your message because you are asking them a favor.

For Penguin recovery you sometimes need to wait until the next Penguin update comes and become goes live. However those who got “unnatural link building warning messages” can clean their links and submit a reconsideration request. While submitting a reconsideration request you need avoid behavior that depicts complaint because the reviewer wants facts only rather couple of junky lines.

After this you cannot get an increase in rank and traffic immediately because the ones you lost traffic it will take time to regain it.